A downloadable Map Loader

Have you tried making a 3d scene in Game Maker Studio 2? It's easily one of the most difficult things to do with the platform. DopeFish (DF) hopes to remedy that by providing developers access to one of the most well established and easiest to use 3D mapping systems currently available!

The wad format!

The wad format was made famous in 1993 when it was invented by id Software for their classic game Doom. Since then other games have used the format as well, such as Heretic, Hexen, Strife, and Chex Quest! The wad format has been in the hands of hackers and mappers for nearly 30 years! That time has seen a massive increase in the ease of crafting levels in the wad format through apps like Slade, and Doom Builder.

DF uses pure gml code to parse the wad format making this system platform independent. Textures, Sprites, Sounds, and Maps are imported straight into Game Maker Studio 2. Currently DF comes bundled with a basic first person controller, and a rudimentary physics/collision system with a more robust controller and collision system planned for a future update.

DF is still far from finished, here's a look at what's on the roadmap, and what's to come.

To Do for release:

  • Implement GLNode tree optimizations
  • Add overrides for Things, Textures, and Sprites ( replace any texture in the map with your own, good for HD texture swaps, or replace any enemy with whichever object you choose )
  • Improve FPS controller physics/collision
  • Implement a backend to handle data management and feedback
  • Geometry Normals
  • SNDINFO, MAPINFO, Custom Classes
  • Implement full map logic ( switches, opening/closing doors, working teleport pads, and so on... )

Possible Future Features:

  • 3D floors (rooms over rooms)
  • Sloped floors/ceilings
  • Dynamic Lighting/Shadows
  • UDMF Map format
  • Importing from .Pk3 file
  • TITLEMAP support ( cinematic map for use on title screen )
  • Classic BSP support ( rather than the current GL based BSP system )

DopeFish is still under active development, however it's been a long process as I can only devote so much free time. Because of this I am opening up pre-orders here on itch.io to afford me the ability to continue developing the system. Pre-ordering grants you access to the DopeFish Wad Lab once it's complete. The Wad Lab will allow you to pick a game mode, load a wad file, set an emulated difficulty level, and choose whether or not to load multiplayer assets, and finally launch a map of your choosing. This will let you explore the map without any functional AI or gameplay logic, so no weapon pickups, no attacking monsters. However all of the map features will work once they are implemented into the system, such as flipping a switch to open a new area.


In order to download this Map Loader you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $17.99 USD. You will get access to the following files when they are released:


Development log